Under Vehicle Surveillance System integrated with vehicle imaging system for Entry points
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In a world where security and safety are ever discussed subjects, Under Vehicle Monitoring System is an innovative technology used to view the undercarriage of the vehicle. Fast and effective detection of dangerous objects, for instance, weapons, explosives, drugs and contraband. No need for use of hand-held mirrors or inspection wells. Facilitates reliable safety inspections without affecting the flow of traffic at the access point. Under Vehicle Monitoring Systems are widely used at most of the high profile events and locations.


The UVS systems come as a mobile or static system and offers a wide field of applications:

  • Protection of airports, military institutions, embassies, power plants, as well as other high-profile installations
  • Border controls
  • Parking access controls
  • Security checks at sports events or other large-scale events
  • Mobile vehicle controls by the police


  • The UVS System essentially comprises
  • A scanning unit, a workstation, traffic lights and a light barrier
  • Through a small slit in the scanning unit, the scanner captures the entire underside of a vehicle in moving traffic
  • The underside is then displayed as high-resolution image on the screen
  • To simplify the correlation between the underside images and the corresponding vehicles, an optional front-end image capture camera as well as automatic license plate recognition can be integrated
  • The software provides the guards with all collected vehicle data on the control screen and allows for any manual input
  • Zoom capabilities support the identification of details up to a size of 5 mm (0.2”). This facilitates the fast and efficient detection and analysis of suspicious objects
  • All the data collected or manually entered can be stored in a database
  • In case of recurring vehicles, the software provides the possibility to compare the current underside image with an already archived one of the same vehicle in order to identify potential deviations at a glance