Zillapanchayat, Chitradurga District
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We have installed GPRS based biometric Finger Print Readers over 100 Hostels in Chitradurga Districts which falls under category of Social Welfare, SC/ST and Tribal Hostels, where the food bill for the students staying in these hostels are borne by the Zillapanchayat.

The biometric reader captures the daily attendance of available students in the hostel and the updated central server is kept at the Zillapanchayat office via GPRS. Most of these hostels are geographically located in the interiors villages where internet is not available. The data is transferred through GPRS. Various reports are generated at the server to accommodate the food bill in place. 

Similarly, we have installed GPRS based Biometric readers in Panchayat Offices and District Hospital.

We have installed more than 100 units of GPRS based Biometric Finger Print readers in various Panchayat Offices across six Taluks of Chitradurga District to track daily attendance of the Panchayat office employees;

We have installed CCTV and Public Address System in the District Hospital to control and monitor the facility efficiently;

We have installed RFID Access Control System to the Chitradurga District Swimming pool, Gaming Complex and the stadium to restrict from unauthorised entry;

We have installed CCTV system in various Checkposts of Mines department to check on illegal mining in the district;

We have installed CCTV in Davangere,Hosadurga and Chalkere Welcome Gate to register the entry and Exit of Vehicles in the Chitradurga District Town;

We have provided customised Multi-purpose Information Kiosk to emit various pieces of information as part of the Information centre for the Villagers.

Various steps were taken to improve the district and provide security and controllability to this district.