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The name KANOE has started from an idea that  originates from canoe a small but yet immensely effective and useful boat. The canoe carried aboriginal people for thousands of years, followed then by the explorers and the missionaries and the engineers and the surveyors….until in modern times it gives us the gift of freedom. The canoe is a vessel that carries you into pretty exciting places, not only into whitewater but into the byways and off-beaten places….You are removed entirely from the mundane aspects of ordinary life. You’re witnessing first hand beauty and peace and freedom – especially freedom….Flirtation with the wilderness is contact with truth, because the truth is in nature…. identify yourself with something that is stable and enduring. An interest in the wilderness means getting there, and getting there means canoes. In its contemporary use, the canoe becomes a medium to experience peace, beauty, freedom and adventure. These values are of utmost significance in a world which has lost much of its contact with the profound lessons learned in nature.

To travel the paths in natural places makes all the differences and in this the canoe is an essential partner. Welcome to the world of Kanoe Group of Companies and experience the luxurious, adventures and enriching lifestyle. It is your intrinsic, steady & stable vessel to sail for the freedom. Be an employee of unique boutique IT & IoT based service provider group that offers plethora of benefits to its employees tailor made for you.


We at Kanoe Group, are guided by the philosophy that ensures efficient delivery of cutting-edge IT services, software and security solutions via Optimization of Quality, Time & Cost. These attributes, together with the unique combination of our expertise and premier technologies, enable us to efficiently design software solutions of any scale and complexity, while maintaining a customer-centric approach to delivering quality services in time, every time. We seek to create value for our Customers.

Founded in 1999 as a firm and incorporated in 2004 as a Private limited company, the Kanoe Softwares Limited, now a public company, is a recognized leader in the provision of software solutions and services with long years of  professional experience and practical engagement. With our prominent presence accross India a strong representation in Nairobi-Kenya, Wanchai-Hong Kong, St. Louis-USA, Singapore , London- UK  and Kathmandu-Nepal, the Kanoe Geoup has established a strong constellation of companies with large, diverse customers operating in over 30 countries around the world. With Kanoe Group, the companies can optimize productivity and gain a competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s business environment.


We are an ISO 9001- certified organization and our processes are nurtured in the safe hands of highly trained SIX-SIGMA, ITIL V3, Scrum Master (CSM)  Professionals. We follow CMM Level 3 in our practice.

Our solutions and services can be aggregated into two distinct yet interrelated categories

(1) Turnkey Project Management, which covers the entire project life cycle from design and scoping to onsite testing and implementation, and

 (2) Professional Services, which include strategic and operational technology consultant support, facilities management, as well as network and data center management.

At Kanoe, we believe in knowledge sharing and therefore present an outline of our services and accomplishments in our website at: hhtps://


for present and prospective clients alike.

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