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Corporate Social Responsibility


We could successfully put our hands with a limited capability to support causes related to Health & Education. Kanoe Club & NTQWORLD.ORG were born.

Our main agenda was to ‘IT urbanize rural setups’. We conceived the idea of spreading & sharing Knowledge & Education at the root level, if a proper awareness program be reached properly at the root level, may up-root various issues related to Social beliefs, Superstition, Hygiene and Healthy Living.

We strongly believe that the people living with such taboo belief or people coming from below poverty background, who are as bright as we are, still are struggling to showcase their skills to contribute to balance the ecosystem and are abandoned and refrained from basic living standards. They lack the opportunities we have. Their helplessness made us realize, what the world really requires.

We look forward for all the Kanoe Club and NTQ WORLD members and non-members to come forward to contribute and work with us jointly to help to create the entire world a better place to live in.

Image by bill wegener

It has been a great journey for us, since we started in the year 1999 with a heart surgery of a four year child to correct his perforated heart in Narayana Hrudalaya, a Super specialty hospital for Heart in Bangalore, who came from a family with a humblest background. Though the child could not be saved due to the complexity of the disease, but we tried our best to be with the family, in the time of need. Gradually with time “Kanoe Club” was born to execute CSR activity with approval of Kanoe Club executive management body. We began working with the poorest of the poor.

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