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“The 10 Most Trusted Biometric Companies”
KANOE Spreads it's wings to newer skies, enters Sub-Saharan Africa.
KANOE’s Multi purpose Information & Transaction Kiosk: A user friendly machine

Today there is a global need for security given the rising instances of security breaches, identity theft and data hacking. Governments and business alike are looking for authentication technologies that not only provide reliable security, but are also extremely difficult to fake. Biometrics is one such solution that fulfills all these conditions

Kanoe softwares Ltd spreads it’s wings to newer skies.Kanoe enters the beautiful land of greens and wildlife-the land of African headquarters of UNO,Google, Coca Cola and many more the country having very promising and futuristic possibilities, the city that never sleeps..” NAIROBI (KENYA)- the City that is the commercial capital of the entire sub-Saharan Africa. ”

Bellary: Information of 15 departments at the tip of your finger. Free access of air travel booking information, railway information and a print out is available too. Thus collected information can also be copied on to a CD. SSLC results can also be retrieved. And all these information is completely available free of charge.

SILICON REVIEW, Annual Edition 2016.
30 Entreprenures of the year

The Managing Director & Chairman Mr. Debjyoti Ray of Kanoe Softwares Limited, India has been sited at the 8th position  among the most promising innovative entrepreneurs of India who contributed in IT urbanisation of rural India , digitally empowering rural population by connecting over 3000 villages on ICT through his unique multipurpose kiosk system.

A&S India, May 2014 Edition, Kanoe Softwares provides products & Solutions in the Global IT & Security Infa. Market.

Kanoe Group of companies are the recognised leader in the provision of various IT Infrastructure, Security Infrastructure and services with more than 12 years of professional experience and practical engagement. Acclaimed and bagged 2 National awards, One patent and various other awards urbanising IT & Security Infrastructure.

KANOE SOFTWARES is nominated for the India 5000 Best MSME Award 2017

Kanoe Softwares Limited is nominated for the India 5000 best MSME award 2017 organised by BENCHMARK TRUST with audit partner TQV

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