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Whether you run a yoga studio or a nonprofit organization, a club/Association or a large community driven business, keeping track of your memberships is critical. It can be tedious to complete all the paperwork for each new member as well as maintain spreadsheets to sort members and store their information.

Kanoe, having 22+ years of experience managing tiny to giant  membership managing organizations, meticulously designed and developed a cloud-based software tool and mobile Apps (eLogin) analysing the very need of membership driven businesses, that can help you create a member database, storing all your member’s data in one place, securely.

Some of the key features are:


  • Membership Registration

  • Committee management

  • Member fees & Dues management

  • Email &  Push notification

  • Online meeting / Chat

  • Online poll

  • Survey

  • Payment & Banking gateway

  • Loyalty & Discount Management

  • Media, sponsorship & promotion

  • Task Management

  • Event management

  • Multiple branch management.

  • Dedicated ecommerce platform

  • AI based reports & Analytics.

  • Grievances & Help desk

  • Compatible with Barcode, RFID & QR Code Reader


eLogin is configurable and customizable to make it the best fit for Club, Travel group, Cooperative Society, Association, nonprofit organization, Chain of business group that manages clients or community to make it fit to cater both B2B and B2C needs.


eLogin can be API integrated with various third-party services to enhance its capabilities as per the need. 

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