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The Security Division of Kanoe Technologies Inc. has developed a hand-on experience and expertise in delivering end to end projects on security infrastructure that stretch from conceptualization to implementation by utilizing & piecing together a wide spectrum of technological facets -including hardware, software, services, implementation and maintenance -effectively aligned to meet the public/human safety and infrastructure security challenges of the 21st century.

In this regard, the Secure City approach- an advanced City level security & public safety solution integrated with State-of-the-Art Command & Control Centre - devised by the Kano Technologies is a unique project that effectively combines technology, hardware and software solutions on IoT platform to deliver a coordinated response in the area of public and infrastructure security, as well as to serve as a strong deterrent to the potential exploitation of vulnerabilities. These include, but are not limited to the following optimally aligned solutions and services that we have on offer: IT Infrastructure; Real Time Surveillance Solution; Vehicle Tracking System; Under Vehicle Surveillance System; Intelligent Traffic Management Solutions; Parking Lot Management System, RF based Safe distance Equipments, Biometric RFID Solution; Property and Business Security Solutions; Border Management System; Access Control & Access Barriers Solution.

In addition, we have various systems and solutions used for Homeland Security purposes that include the utilization of high-end electronic combating and detection systems for the Defense and Police use to ensure the security of the nation.

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