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Given the path breaking role of IT technologies and their critical applications for improved efficiency, accessibility, and convenience, the Kanoe Technologies Inc. has drawn its focus on devising and delivering rural IT-based solutions and services aimed at the enhancement of equal development between the center and peripheries and effective e-governance at large. The installation of rural IT-Kiosks in various villages connected with the District Head Quarter on a cloud & server-client architecture rendering the backbone stable to run various allied systems and solutions such as Video Conferencing System, IP Phones, IPBX, IVRS, Central Monitoring and Controlling software and systems operating shoulder to shoulder with various departments of local government like Police Department, Local Tax Department, District Municipality, City Municipal Corporation and Village Municipality, District Urban Development Authority, Forest Department, District Project Department, Agricultural Department, and Sports Department -to name a few- to connect and emit information by providing Connectivity with Line of Sight and V-SAT is our forte.


We have a bundle of software and tailored solutions to monitor and control the entire IT infrastructure on IoT platform, providing security like GPS Vehicle Tracking System, Vehicle Actuated Traffic Control System, Centrally Controlled Digital Displays, ANPR-based Road Tolling System, District Surveillance System with a central monitoring system and various required software for local departments integrated with a centrally located dashboard and hand-held devices, mobile apps, sensors and data capturing equipments that allows to monitor and control all the whereabouts.

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