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Hand Held RFID based Parking ticketing  System

Hand Held RFID based parking ticketing system is the parking management system that issues RF Mifare smart card based parking pass to the visitors at the vehicle entry gate. Visitors punches the RF smart card to the billing POS at the exit gate to know the parking fees. Once payed the parking fees, the boom barrier allows them to exit.

Software Features;

1. User/Security Guard allocated per POS/Hand held device for both entry and exit gates.

2. Number of smart cards allocated per User/Security Guard at entry gate.

3. Number of smart card and parking fees collected by User/Security Guard at billing counter of exit gate.

4. Software will be guiding the parking status display .

5. Report of vehicle available in parking lot with respect to date, date range, time, time range, frequently visited vehicles, parked for longer duration etc will be generated.

The software is capable of customization.

The RFID Mifare Hand Held Device:

KL14 is a smart, compact multi purpose Transaction Terminal for on the go handheld and desktop applications.

The Hi speed 32 bit Processor, large memory, built in optional GPRS / LAN / Wi-Fi Communication modules make the KL-14 a truly versatile unit suitable for use with multiple applications in a single Terminal.


  • Ergonomic design

  • Compact & Rugged

  • Inbuilt graphic Thermal Printer

*       Large Memory

  • Built in NFC Reader

  • Built-in Smart Card Reader

Boom Barrier Specification:

Duty Cycle 75%

Mechanism Electro-mechanical

Maximum Boom Length up to 6000 mm

Opening/Closing Time 3-4 sec.

Power Supply 230 VAC,24 VDC 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption 120 W

Housing Mild Steel with Zinc coating (inside out) plus Anti-corrosion


Housing Dimensions 350mm*250mm*1070mm

Housing Base Frame Mild Steel

Operative Options Push Button & Remote Control

In case of Power Failure Open/Close options with mechanical handle

Water Proof & Protection Compliant to IP44 Standards

Safety Features Warning Lights/ Traffic Lights

Life Cycle One Year Warranty

Weight (without Boom) 64 kg

Opening temp. range -20 to 50 degree centigrade

Drive Torque Motor

with Two Loop Detector

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